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Function Of The Splitter


As far as FTTH is concerned:

The function of the splitter is to divide the 1 ports of the equipment in the computer room into several ports, so that more users can share the 1 ports, thereby increasing the user access of the ports to reduce the investment and burden on the equipment.


The splitter is a passive device that does not require external energy, as long as there is an input light. The splitter consists of an incident and ejection slit, a reflector and a dispersive element, which is used to separate the desired resonance absorption lines. The key component of the splitter is the dispersion element, and now the commercial instruments use the grating. The resolution of the spectrometer is not high. The resolution of the three line Ni230.003, Ni231.603 and Ni231.096nm is the standard. After that, Mn279.5 and 279.8nm are used to check the resolution of the Ni three line. The grating is placed after the atomizer to prevent all unnecessary radiation from the atomizer into the detector.

Is there a distance limit to the OUN after the splitter is divided? 

  Recently, the unit is installing EPON device in debugging. It wants to split light from OLT installer. Is there any distance limitation to OUN after splitting light? How much is it if you have it? There is a limit to distance. According to the situation you say is concentrated light in the room OLT side, light transmission distance, transmission power depends on the OLT PON port and receiving sensitivity, ONU receiver sensitivity and transmit power splitter of the splitting ratio and the loss, and the optical cable splice, adapter other relevant. Usually the EPON system can transmit 20Km after 1 * 32 splits, but in fact, many vendors’ ONU may only support 10Km. In a word, it is determined by the light power budget of ODN, so it is still necessary to analyze specific circumstances. Distance is limited: 1, the first thing to consider is the distance between OLT and ONU, the maximum distance is not more than 20KM or 10KM, depending on the equipment of each manufacturer. This distance is stipulated by EPON technology standard; 2, next is the limitation of optical power, that is, after the splitting of light splitter, the optical power value on the ONU side is within the range of its acceptance sensitivity. The factor of loss of line is as described above.

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