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FTTH Ultra-broadband Network Deployment


Huawei today officially announced the Pizza OLT (Optical Line Terminal) solution to further enrich its FTTH solutions and product portfolio. The new small size, low density 1U box OLT products, will help operators flexibly adapt to a variety of scenarios, accelerate FTTH network deployment.

Due to the continuous promotion of new services such as ultra-high definition / 4K video, VR, home networking and so on, the rapid growth of optical fiber access has become an important means of popularizing broadband networks. As optical access nodes continue to move downward, OLT devices are getting closer to end users. Due to the complex and diverse deployment scenarios, OLT products with smaller sizes and lower density are urgently needed to meet different needs.

The Pizza OLT product released by Huawei is compact with a height of only 1U. It supports dual AC or DC power supply with wide operating temperature range and high reliability. It has two different configurations and supports a maximum of 8 ports for the GPON solution. The typical scenario can be covered With more than 500 users, the PON Combo solution supports the smooth evolution from GPON to XG-PON. The OLT side can be upgraded without any change of parts.

Based on the new Pizza OLT products, Huawei can provide various FTTH solutions and flexibly apply to the following three scenarios to meet the requirements of cost-effective and rapid network construction.

In the enterprise all-optical campus scenario, operators can unify the construction and operation of POL networks in the campus based on Huawei Pizza OLT, or lease to the park or related enterprises to carry out all-optical access services in the enterprise campus and discover the blue ocean market for B2B businesses.

In the general national broadband coverage scenario, the population density in remote areas is low. The Huawei Pizza OLT can be used together with the Class C ++ high-power budget GPON optical module and a one-stop outdoor site solution to achieve fast coverage of the long-distance FTTH network. Some of the geographical conditions are complex, There are islands, mountains and other areas where the uplink fiber deployment is costly and has long cycle challenges. With the microwave backhaul solution, long-distance and high-reliability FTTH network access is achieved, saving 70% of deployment time while achieving investment spending and network Cover the balance.

In FTNS scenarios, mobile operators can make full use of existing backhaul network resources and rack space when deploying FTTH networks. Huawei Pizza OLT is deployed in mobile cabinets, and short-distance home optical fibers are laid nearby to cover the periphery Family, rapid deployment, rapid time to market, shortening the payback period and supporting the business cycle.

Broadband network is the cornerstone of a smart society. As a leading provider of ultra-broadband solutions, Huawei has long been committed to providing operators with innovative solutions for the future and continues to lead the development of the ultra-broadband industry. So far, Huawei has provided ultra-broadband access service to 500 million home users worldwide. In the future, Huawei will continue to join hands with global operators and upstream and downstream industry partners to jointly promote the sustainable development of the UWB industry and build a better all-connected world.

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